Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble In Tank Trouble you have to drive a tank around the maze to hunt down other players. Get a high kill count and beat your friends! Tank Trouble may look pretty simple, but that’s because it’s based on one of the oldest arcade games out there. The game is living proof that some titles and genres can really stand the test of time.

Game Objective
The object of the game is simple: blow up the enemy tanks. But it doesn’t end there. Aside from dodging enemy fire, you have to navigate through a maze to try and trap, flank or just plain surprise the other player (s) before they get you first! Use random bonus drops to improve your tank’s firepower. Can’t get them into your direct line of fire? No, problem! Just use your mad geometry skills to bounce shots against the walls and land a hit from the safety. With support for up to three players on the same computer, the biggest challenge will probably not be trying to gain advantage over each other (so be a good sport and save for killing the computer screen).
Classic top-view arcade style tank battles
Play against the computer or up to two other people
Bouncing shots off walls allows for added strategy
Upgrade your tank with bonuses scattered throughout the map
Multiple maps add variety to the game and force new developments
Use a variety of weapons, including lasers, missiles, rattling guns and more.
Tank Trouble can be played on all three major platforms: PC, Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad).
Game Developer
Tank Trouble was developed by Tyler Glass (Subterranean Software).
Tips & Tricks Video

Game Controls
Player 1:
Up Arrow = up / forward
Down Arrow = down / backward
Left Arrow = turn left
Right Arrow = turn right
M key = fire
Player 2:
E = up / forward
D = down / backward
S = turn left
F = turn right
Q = fire
Player 3:
Player uses the mouse to move their tank and fires with the left mouse button.
Note: Being the third player has a disadvantage, as the mouse does not allow the tank to move backward.
Walkthrough Video
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