Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter game – Test your color matching skills. Bubble Shooter Classic is a mix between a puzzle game and a classic arcade game. You must shoot bubbles from the play area by matching multiple of the same color. You must have a filled area above you mixed with different color bubbles you must remove them all form the game to win the level.
To remove the bubbles you must match three or more of the same color bubbles together; You can do this by firing the bubble that you are given into the pile of bubbles stacked in the play area. Try to remove all of the bubbles in the least amount of shots to get a high score. Have fun with this online game, if you like this then also try out other free games!

Fun fact! Did you know that the original bubble shooter was a clone made by Taito of the popular arcade game Puzzle Bobble! The game has become extremely popular in the United States! This free to play bubble shoot game is fantastic and provides users with so much fun. The addictive bubble shooting gameplay will test your reflexes and reactions.

As you play bubble shooter, the difficulty increases. Each level becomes harder, and you must put more effort into your shots. Furthermore, make sure your timing is fantastic and that you look for color combinations quicker.

Release Date
This version was released in September 2018. You can also check the legacy version of Ilyon’s.
A classic bubble game
Cool effects
Lots of different colored bubbles
The challenge gets closer as you play longer
Bubble Shooter is originally developed by Absolutist. This version is a modernized version. We also feature the classic version here.
Web browser (desktop and mobile)
Move your mouse to aim
Left click to shoot
Walkthrough Video


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